5 Surprising Behaviors of German Shepherds Explained

5 Surprising Behaviors of German Shepherds 

If you are a proud owner of a German Shepherd, then you know that they are incredible dogs with unique personalities. They bring joy and loyalty to your life, but at the same time, they can exhibit some odd behaviors German Shepherd  that may leave you scratching your head. But fear not, these behaviors are completely normal and can be easily explained. In this article, we will delve into 5 odd behaviors of German Shepherds and shed light on why they do them.

1. German Shepherds Nipping at heels:

One of the most common and, let's be honest, annoying behaviors of German Shepherds is nipping at heels. As herding dogs, it is natural for them to want to herd and control movement. When they nip at your heels, it is their way of trying to keep you moving in a specific direction or getting a reaction from you. However, if this behavior is not controlled when they are young, it can become problematic as they get older. It is essential to train them early on to use their mouth less, especially if you have small children who may be easy targets for this behavior.

2. Head tilt:

Have you ever noticed your German Shepherd tilting their head to the side when you talk to them? It may seem odd, but it is actually a sign that they are actively listening to you. They are trying to catch different frequencies or inflections in your voice to gather information. This behavior shows that they are putting in the effort to understand you and communicate effectively.

3. Tail chasing:

If you have ever witnessed your German Shepherd frantically chasing their tail, then you know how strange and amusing it can be. This behavior is often a sign of boredom, excitement, or anxiety. It is their way of releasing pent-up energy and seeking stimulation. If this behavior is ignored, it can lead to more destructive actions such as digging, chewing, and excessive barking. To prevent this, make sure to provide your German Shepherd with enough physical and mental exercise.

4. Jumping:

Jumping is a behavior that develops gradually in German Shepherds and needs to be stopped early on. They tend to jump when they are excited, whether it's to greet you or get a treat from your hand. While it may seem cute when they are puppies, it can become a problem as they grow bigger and stronger. Not only can it cause havoc in your home, but it can also lead to injuries for both you and your dog. To avoid this, use positive reinforcement training to teach them not to jump.

5. Defensive aggression:

German Shepherds are known for their protective nature. They will do whatever it takes to defend their home and family from potential threats. However, if not guided properly, this behavior can turn into aggressive behavior towards everything and everyone. It is crucial to train your German Shepherd with appropriate methods so that they can differentiate between a real threat and a harmless situation. This way, they can be protective without being aggressive.

In conclusion, German Shepherds are amazing dogs that bring lots of love and joy into our lives. Their odd behaviors may seem strange at first, but they all have valid reasons behind them. As responsible pet owners, it is our job to understand and guide our furry friends towards appropriate behavior. So the next time your German Shepherd nips at your heel or tilts their head in confusion, remember that it's just their way of communicating with you. With proper training and understanding, these odd behaviors German Shepherds can be easily managed, and your bond with your furry companion will only grow stronger.


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