Help! My dog grabs everything in the house

"Help! My dog grabs everything in the house Cesar911"

Are you tired of constantly chasing after your dog, trying to retrieve items it has stolen? Do you have to constantly watch your pet to make sure it doesn't ingest something it shouldn't? If so, you are not alone. Many dog owners face these same challenges, but there is hope.

In a recent episode of Cesar911, renowned dog trainer Cesar Millan helps a family whose dog, Murphy, has become a menace in their home. This 80-pound golden doodle has no boundaries and dog who grabs everything in your house it can get its paws on. From clothes to toys to food, Murphy is a force to be reckoned with.

The family, Matt and Justine Plotter and their children, initially thought Murphy would be the perfect addition to their household. However, they soon realized that they were in over their heads. Murphy's hyperactive energy levels and tendency to grab and swallow items put him at risk for serious health issues. The family was at a loss and needed Cesar's expertise to bring peace back into their home.

Cesar quickly identifies the root of the problem - a lack of boundaries. As he observes Murphy's behavior through a wireless camera carried by fellow dog trainer Eldon McIntyre, Cesar sees that the dog is essentially in charge of the household. His hyperactive state and impulsiveness are a result of no clear rules or limitations set by the family.

help-my-dog-grabs-everything-in-houseTo address this issue, Cesar teaches the family the importance of establishing boundaries for their dog. He shows them how to use simple yet effective techniques like blocking Murphy's access to certain areas of the house and teaching him to "leave it" when he tries to grab something. By doing this, they are letting Murphy know what is acceptable behavior and what is not. It also helps prevent potential accidents or health risks caused by Murphy's tendency to swallow objects.

But teaching a new behavior isn't easy, especially when dealing with a hyperactive dog like Murphy. It takes time, consistency, and follow-through from the entire family. Cesar emphasizes that this is not an aggressive case, but rather a case of a dog with too much energy and not enough structure. By establishing boundaries, the family is not only helping Murphy, but they are also making their home a safer and more peaceful place for everyone.

One crucial aspect that Cesar addresses is the family's instinct to chase after Murphy when he grabs something he shouldn't. This only reinforces Murphy's behavior as he learns that it's a fun game to be chased. Instead, Cesar teaches the family to stay calm and use his techniques to redirect Murphy's attention to something more appropriate.

Another important factor that Cesar addresses is the need for exercise and stimulation. A tired dog is a well-behaved dog. Cesar recommends taking Murphy on daily walks and teaching him new commands and tricks to keep his mind engaged. This will help burn off excess energy and prevent destructive behavior in the house.

In the end, Cesar's intervention brings significant changes to Murphy's behavior. He learns to respect boundaries and listen to his owners' commands. The family is relieved to have a calmer, happier dog who can now be part of their household without causing chaos.

So what can we learn from this episode? The key takeaway is that every dog needs clear boundaries and structure. Without it, they can become overwhelmed and act out in destructive ways. As pet owners, it is our responsibility to establish rules and limits for our furry friends. This not only makes our lives easier but also keeps our pets safe and healthy.

help-my-dog-grabs-everything-in-houseIf you are struggling with a dog who grabs everything in your house, take a page from the Plotter family's book and try implementing some of Cesar's techniques. Remember, it takes patience, consistency, and follow-through to see changes in your dog's behavior. And most importantly, don't forget to show your pet love, respect, and trust. Together, we can create better humans and a better planet for our beloved canine companions.

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