The Power of a Name: How One Simple Act Changed the Life of a Shelter Dog

How One Simple Act Changed the Life of a Shelter Dog


Meet the German Shepherd that was abandoned without a name. She sits in her kennel, panting heavily and avoiding eye contact with anyone who passes by. This unnamed female pup is a prime example of the many dogs in shelters who need our help. But one man, Rocky Kanaka, has made it his mission to bring attention to these forgotten animals and give them a chance at a better life.

Rocky, an animal lover and advocate, has teamed up with Sundays for Dogs to help save shelter dogs. Thanks to their sponsorship, Rocky is able to showcase the stories of these dogs and bring awareness to their plight.

As Rocky sits down next to the distressed German Shepherd, he can see that something is off. She is nervous, avoiding eye contact, and pushing herself against the back of the kennel. But Rocky doesn't let her demeanor deter him. He knows he has to at least try to help her.

In his series "Sitting with Dogs," Rocky spends time with shelter dogs, giving them love and attention while also bringing attention to their stories. In this particular episode, he sits down with the unnamed German Shepherd and begins to work on gaining her trust.

As he interacts with her, Rocky can't help but comment on the number of German Shepherds in the shelter. He introduces viewers to each one he sees, and it becomes clear just how many of these loyal and intelligent dogs end up in shelters. He even encounters a Husky-Shepherd mix that also counts as a Shepherd. It's a sad reality that so many of these beautiful dogs are in need of homes.

But as sad as their situation may be, there is always hope. Through his series, Rocky has been able to showcase the transformations that can happen when these dogs are given love and attention. And it's not just physical transformations – it's also mental and emotional.

Rocky turns his attention to another pup in the shelter, a little dog named Timmy. He had arrived at the shelter smelling strongly of cigarette smoke. Rocky was determined to help him and enlisted the help of Mel, a staff member at the shelter. Together, they gave Timmy a bath and showed him love and affection, slowly helping him overcome his fear of humans.

As Mel works her magic on Timmy, he slowly starts to relax. She washes him with a fresh lavender shampoo, not only to get rid of the smell but also to help him relax. She takes her time and shows him love, something he likely hasn't experienced much of in his short life. It's clear that Timmy is starting to come out of his shell.

Shelter Dogs

But despite their efforts, Timmy is still scared and timid. He's been at the shelter for a week, which is a long time for a puppy. But Mel doesn't give up on him and takes him out to the play yard to continue their bonding session.

Rocky is thrilled when he hears that someone has come to see Timmy. A couple had seen one of Rocky's videos and decided to visit the shelter. Although they weren't sure if they were ready for another dog after recently losing their beloved German Shepherd, they wanted to meet Timmy.

german shepherds

Rocky is hopeful that Timmy may have found his forever home, but he still has his work cut out for him with the German Shepherd girl. He continues to sit with her, giving her love and attention while also trying to get her used to human interaction.

As Rocky spends time with her, he realizes that she doesn't have a name. To him, this is heartbreaking. He sees so much in a name – it's a starting point of who you are and allows others to love you and for you to give love in return.

Rocky is determined to give her a name and starts to brainstorm. But it's not an easy task – he wants to find a name that truly fits her. He continues to sit with her, hoping that she'll give him some indication of what her name should be.

Back at the play yard, Mel and Timmy are making progress. Thanks to Mel's patience and love, Timmy is slowly starting to come out of his shell. And then, a potential adopter comes in to see Timmy. Rocky is nervous but hopeful as he watches them interact. Could this be Timmy's forever home?

Meanwhile, Rocky finally gets a name for the German Shepherd girl – Auggie. And just as he's sharing this news with viewers, he hears back from the couple that came in to see Timmy. Unfortunately, it won't work out with Timmy, but they are meeting with Auggie next. Could Auggie be the right dog for them?

As Rocky sits with Auggie, he can sense that she's a hugger – she leans into his touch and seems to enjoy the cuddles. He shares her story with viewers and expresses his frustration with her previous owners who returned her because she was "too big." To Rocky, that's not a valid excuse – no dog should be returned just because they grow bigger than expected.

Finally, the couple that came in to see Auggie arrive at the shelter. They had previously owned a German Shepherd and were interested in meeting Auggie. However, Rocky is concerned when he sees Auggie jumping up on them. This is something that will need to be worked on if she is to find a forever home.

After some time together, it's clear that Auggie has found her forever family. The couple fell in love with her and decided to take her home. It's a heartwarming moment for Rocky and viewers alike – knowing that Auggie will now have a name and a loving home.

Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, and filling the emptiness we didn’t ever know we had.” - Thom Jones

Auggie's Shelter Dog story is just one of many that Rocky has shared through his "Sitting with Dogs" series. He has shown the power of.


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