10 Signs Your German Shepherd Sees You as Their Parent

Are you a proud owner of a German Shepherd? If so, you probably know firsthand just how loyal, smart, and loving these dogs can be. But did you know that your German Shepherd sees you as more than just their owner? In fact, they see you as their parent. German Shepherds have an innate desire to form strong emotional bonds with their human family, and there are some pretty clear signs that show your dog sees you as their number one caregiver. Let's explore 10 unmistakable signs that your German Shepherd sees you as their parent.

1. Your German Shepherd Follow-Up Constant 

If your German Shepherd sees you as their parent, they'll want to stick by your side all the time. They may even follow you around the house, copying everything you do. This behavior dates back to when German Shepherds were used as working and herding dogs, relying on their leader or parent for guidance and protection. When your dog sticks by your side, it's their way of showing loyalty and a deep connection with you.

2. Eye Contact

German Shepherds have captivating, soulful eyes that can really grab your attention. When your dog locks eyes with you for a while, it's actually a way of showing how much they trust and love you. It's like they're having their own little conversation with you, displaying the special bond you share.

3. Seeking Physical Contact

German Shepherds are big fans of physical touch and affection. If your pup is always leaning against you, giving gentle nose nudges, or resting their head in your lap, it's a clear sign that they crave closeness and comfort. This behavior is similar to a child wanting a cozy hug from their parent, and it shows just how much your dog sees you as someone who keeps them safe and happy.

4. Guarding Behavior

As natural protectors, German Shepherds may start exhibiting guarding behaviors when strangers come near you or your living space. This is their way of looking out for their human pack and making sure everyone stays safe. When your German Shepherd acts protective, it shows that they see you as their parent and are dedicated to keeping you safe.

5. Crying or Whining When You Leave

Separation anxiety can be a real thing for dogs who see their owners as parents. If your German Shepherd gets worked up, starts whining, or crying when you're about to leave, it's a clear sign that they're super attached to you. They may even show this behavior when you're just getting ready to go out, knowing that you'll be leaving soon. This reaction displays just how much they love and rely on you.

6. Celebrating Your Return

On the flip side, when you get back home, your German Shepherd will probably go all out to welcome you with an enthusiastic display of pure happiness. They'll wag their tails like crazy and bark with excitement, showing just how strong your emotional connection is. Your dog's over-the-top celebration is a heartwarming reminder of the amazing bond you both share.

7. Bringing You Gifts

German Shepherds are just like kids who want to show their love and respect. They may bring you their toys or treasures as a sweet gesture, which is similar to a child giving a drawing or gift to their parent. This behavior shows that they want to share and make you happy, indicating the trust they feel for you.

8. Listening and Obedience

German Shepherds are known for being easy to train, and this is especially true when they see their owner as their parent figure. They are more likely to follow your lead and do what you tell them because they see you as their boss and protector. When your dog listens and obeys, it's not just because they're smart – it shows how much they trust and love you.

9. Protecting Your Personal Space

If your German Shepherd always sticks by your side, even when you're lounging in bed or on the couch, it's their way of looking out for you. They want to be there with you and make sure you're safe, similar to a caring parent. While this behavior can be endearing, it's essential to teach your dog about respecting boundaries and following training commands to create a peaceful home environment.

10. Emotional Bonding

Lastly, the bond you have with your German Shepherd is a big clue about how they see you as their parent. They turn to you for support when they're feeling down and show lots of love and cuddles that are genuine and heartfelt. German Shepherds are social animals and love being part of the pack. When they stick by your side, they're just following their instinctual need for companionship and seeing you as their amazing parent in the pack.


In conclusion, if you want to deepen the bond with your beloved German Shepherd, pay attention to these ten signs that show they see you as more than just their owner. They see you as their parent – someone they love, trust, and are loyal to no matter what. Cherish this special bond and continue to nurture it with love, care, and training. After all, there's nothing quite like the love of a German Shepherd who sees you as their true parent.


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