10 Things Nobody Told You About Owning a German Shepherd

"10 Things Nobody Told You About Owning a German Shepherd"


Are you considering adding a German Shepherd to your family? These dogs are truly amazing and make excellent companions and family pets. However, before bringing a German Shepherd into your home, there are a few things you should know.

In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at what it's like to own a German Shepherd and everything you need to know about these intelligent and loyal dogs.

1. They are not action all the time

Contrary to popular belief, German Shepherds are not always active and on the go. These dogs have a calm and caring side as well. As their name suggests, they are natural-born shepherds, and their first priority is taking care of their family. They will happily cuddle up with you on the couch or patiently wait for you to come home from work. But don't be fooled by their relaxed demeanor, as they will quickly spring into action if they sense any danger.

2. They are quick learners

If you love teaching your dog new tricks, then a German Shepherd is the perfect breed for you. These dogs are known for their intelligence and quick learning ability. They excel in obedience training and agility courses, thanks to their strong bodies and sharp minds.

3. They have specific nutritional needs

German Shepherds are known to be large dogs, with males ranging from 30-40 kilograms and females from 22-32 kilograms. As such, they have high nutritional requirements, and it's essential to provide them with a well-balanced diet. Consult with your veterinarian to determine the best type and amount of food for your German Shepherd.

4. They have a rich history

The credit for developing the German Shepherd breed goes to Captain Max von Stephanitz, a breeder in Germany during the 1890s. He admired the intelligence, strength, and abilities of Germany's native Shepherd dogs but wanted to create the perfect working dog. After purchasing a dog named Hector, Max specifically bred for the characteristics that make up the German Shepherd breed we know today.

5. They were bred for their intelligence and strength

German Shepherds have been used for decades as working dogs in the police and military due to their intelligence, strength, and protective temperament. They excel at tasks such as search and rescue missions, making them highly sought after by law enforcement agencies.

6. They require a lot of exercise

These active dogs need plenty of room to run around and stay happy and occupied. Without enough exercise, they may develop behavioral problems such as excessive barking or destruction of furniture. Adult German Shepherds require 1-2 hours of exercise every day, while puppies need controlled exercise until their bones mature.

7. They shed a lot

Be prepared for regular vacuuming if you have a German Shepherd in your home. These dogs have thick coats and shed large amounts of hair. Regular grooming will also help keep their coat healthy and prevent matting.

8. They can be prone to certain health issues

Unfortunately, over the years, German Shepherds have been bred to look a certain way, which has caused some bloodlines to be more susceptible to joint problems such as elbow and hip dysplasia. They may also develop conditions like degenerative myelopathy, which causes weakness in the back legs. To avoid these issues, make sure you choose a responsible breeder who can provide health screenings for the puppy's parents.

9. They have deep chests, which can lead to bloat

German Shepherds have a deep chest as part of their confirmation, which makes them prone to developing bloat or twisted stomachs. This is a life-threatening condition that requires immediate medical attention. To prevent bloat, make sure you don't exercise your dog immediately before or after meals.

10. Choosing the right breeder is crucial

Last but definitely not least, it's essential to choose a responsible breeder when looking for a German Shepherd. A good breeder will not only provide you with a healthy puppy but also contribute to the breed's overall health and well-being.

10 Things Nobody Told You About Owning a German Shepherd

In conclusion, German Shepherds are amazing dogs that make great companions and working dogs. They are loving, intelligent, and protective, making them an ideal choice for families and individuals looking for a loyal and devoted pet. However, it's vital to do your research and fully understand the breed's needs before bringing one into your home. With proper care and attention, a German Shepherd will bring immense joy and love into your life.


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